Hard work – Carl De Keyzer

Just completed wading through about 2500 digital images and about 150 film images (Panoramics 6X17 plus Black&White 6×6 medium format) taken during the course of last year – wading meaning for the digital images developing (i shoot everything in Raw) in LightRoom and for the film images developing (in a conventional darkroom) and scanning plus dusting… then resizing everything for a first edit by the stock image libraries. Phew… happy that this massive work is over… the backlog was mainly due to the frequent moving last year. Let’s hope we now arrive in a more stable period of our lives. Outstanding works are updating my website, and upgrading my WordPress blog to the latest version (this looks a bit more complicated then expected) so that i can include tags.

The hard work was interrupted last week for a visit to the photography museum in Antwerp where there was an exhibition/talk by Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer about his images in Congo. Well, if you talk about perseverance… Carl De Keyzer had to do a tremendous effort to shoot all of the beautiful images on display. Teaming up with NGO’s (shooting for them for free in return for use of their logistics (ie. airplanes, cars, etc…)) to be able to visit the places he marked in an old (colonial) travel guide, he encountered some other-worldly scenes (and people). The project took 10 months of work, plus 2 months of scanning, dusting, and retouching some colonial-time photographs. Really enjoyed the talk, and noted the main lesson that to produce something worthwhile quite some effort is required… in other words, nothing comes for free.

Definitely worth a visit! (the exhibition is running until 16/05/2010).