Published by Life

Proud to announce that one of my Finnish pictures has been published by Life: shown in “Finland’s Beautiful Winter” is my picture of a Snow Owl resting in the snowy landscapes of Finnish Lapland:
Photographing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Lapland in the midst of winter was not one of my most comfortable experiences: at temperatures of -20 degrees Celcius (at some exposed hilltops it was even as cold as -35 degrees Celcius) everything tends to freeze up (naturally) including hands, fingers (making something as easy as tripping a shutter difficult), tripod ballheads (even cracking a Manfrotto ballhead up in the process) and reducing battery lifetimes signifcantly. The Canon Eos5D however kept performing flawlessly, and the hard work and difficult circumstances eventually paid off: our Lapland trip was one of my most successful commercial projects to date.