Busy… busy and a New Camera

The last few months have been hectic, to say the least. After some 2 months in beautiful Malaysia, the time had come to commence with the dreaded moving rituals from our home (for the past 10 years) in Dubai to our new home in Singapore. The stuff that had to be moved was not limited to furniture alone (oh no, that would have been simple), but as well included several hundreds of slide boxes (from the good old times), 3 external hard disks (with the back-ups of all my digital pics), PC’s with screens, slide and film scanners, printers, studio lighting systems, etc. and…. 2 cats. Other stuff like cameras and lenses plus a full back-up of my digital pics on DVD were taken in handluggage/checked lugagge. Upon arrival in Singapore housing had to be arranged, schools (for the kids) to be booked and cats to be visited (ah yes, pets require a 1 month quarantaine in Singapore…). And then the arrival of our housing container from Dubai: imagine 170 boxes of goods being unloaded in an appartment, and having to unpack them with 3 kids running around (good the cats were not yet around). Electricity, water, gas, TV, curtains, where some of the other practicalities that had to be arranged. Anyway when all that was completed we thought it was time for… holiday and as such we are now in Belgium. All of the before as an excuse for the long blogging silence… justified? Probably not…
Anyways, just prior our departure (literally 1 day prior) found just the time to upgrade to the Eos5D MarkII: my old Eos5D was too battered to keep using it professionally. First impressions: memory cards are filling up way faster (but this is no surprise seen the upgrade from 12.8Megapixel (old 5D) to the 21 Megapixel (5DII)), and dust seems to be more under control – dust being one of our absolute nightmares when preparing pics for the image banks and their very strict quality checks – when shooting at small apertures (f11 or higher) the smallest spec on the sensor becomes really visible when checking the pics at full size. Let’s hope this will be much more a problem of the past.
Wil try to post something soon from our visits to Brugge, Brussels and Disney Paris (promises, promises).