More of Malaysia – Melaka, a World Heritage site

Melaka, of which the old quarter was recently added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list, is a top touristic destination in Malaysia : it is a wonderful mix of Portuguese and Dutch architecture with old forts, churches and graveyards and an added bonus of an authentic Chinatown, in other words : a photographer’s dream… although the hordes of tourists make it sometimes difficult to take a decent picture (the heat and (in our case) continuous drizzle-rain didn’t make things any easier). In these circumstances always a dose of luck is required for a good picture, such as the brightly lit trishaw that stopped right in front of the ruins of the Portuguese fortress A’Famosa (originally constructed in 1512) to show its passengers around:
Picture Data : Canon EOS5D, 16-35mm f2.8 lens at 20mm, 15 sec at f8.0, ISO100 

The picture was taken on the brink of dusk and happened when we were resting on a bench near the fort… The next picture was taken early the next morning (6AM), advantage (the only one i can think of) of this early hour is that the tourist busses are nowhere to be seen yet (altough they commenced arriving as early as 7AM!). The building shown is the Christ Church constructed from pink bricks brought from Zeeland in Holland and faced with local red laterite when constructed in 1753:
Picture Data : Canon EOS5D, 16-35mm f2.8 lens at 21mm, 5 sec at f8.0, ISO100

More from Melaka to come soon!